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PV Diagnosis Service

TNE TECH shares concerns with customers and develops together.

PV Diagnosis Service

Photovoltaic power generation diagnosis service of TNE TECH,
the measuring instrument provider that develops with its customers.

  • Analyze the cause of reduction of the photovoltaic power generation capacity
  • Measure efficiency and diagnose failure
  • Defect test (crack, defect, hot spot)
  • PID and leakage current test

  • Weathering Test
  • PID Recovery
  • Provide inspection reports


  • STEP 01 Consultation

  • STEP 02 Field inspection

  • STEP 03 Daytime measurement

    PV String I-V Test / Thermal image / Leakage current

  • STEP 04 Nighttime measurement

    Measure defect in array EL / Measure Dark I-V by string

  • STEP 05 Inspection report

  • STEP 06 Follow-up measures

    Replace and rearrange modules / Install PID repair box

  • STEP 07 Secondary inspection

Example of measurement

· Measurement of defect in array EL

  • PID

  • Crack

  • Diode defect

· Testing Report

Installation of PID repair box

Installation work

  • Before

  • After

Contact information

  • 031-299-2777






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